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Collection of Epoxy Coasters

Bring a subtle charm to your drinks with epoxy coasters available in various vibrant designs to complement your style, vibe, and personality. A coaster is essential to protect any surface from the drinks. When it blends the gloss of epoxy, you have some delicately complementing coasters. Hence, each drink will be a little more delightful with the visual appeal of these subtle additions.
Each coaster is unique in design through patterns with the natural composition of the materials. You will always have a wide range:

A coaster can impact the appeal of a drink and provide subtle hints of vibes and emotions. So, give them a dash of magic by selecting the best epoxy coasters with us.

Red Wine Coaster

Red-colored epoxy settles side by side with a wooden block carved to retain the texture. Each coaster looks glossy block, smooth in touch, great for any drink. Stimulate the passion for the drinks.

Dark Night Coaster

A black-colored variation of red wine coaster. The classical dominance of black mixes with wood gives an appeal to the night in the embrace of nature.

Milky Way Coaster

Here is a little more polished and playful alternative to classy, passionate, and dominating. Milky way coasters are perfect for regular use and a wide array of drinks. The brightness of white with the texture of wood almost seems like a block of delights.

Blue Ocean Coaster

Nothing can beat the combination of wood with water for that sparkle of freshness. If fizzy, playful, and refreshing drinks are your choice, these might be perfect for you. The ‘cool’ appeal of these coasters certainly keeps you buzzed.

Green River Coaster

With the same refreshing combination of blue ocean coasters, you have a little more elegance and sophistication. Green River Coasters bring you a shimmering stroke of deepwater passing through the wooden blocks. Almost like a jewel for your drinks.

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