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Collection of The Best Epoxy Planter Online India

An epoxy planter could be the best artificial method to connect closely to nature. It brings you a perfect opportunity to utilize the transparency, gloss, and unique textures of the epoxy products and blend them with the trees. Thus, you gain a one-of-a-kind product each time you order something.

Each planter is well-polished and waterproof to ensure the maximum gloss and luscious appearance for the addition to your house.

Green Ocean Planter

A rectangular brilliance that brings the wavey texture of green ocean planter conveniently with perfect embellishment and remarkable craftsmanship.

River View 80 Planter

A more delicate and vertical criss-cross stand which occupies the least space and works perfectly to even house or store your flowerpots, vase, and other plant additions without any problem.

River View 60 Planter

A smaller version of the conventional river view 80 planter. This one is perfect for smaller condos and flats that require just that little finishing at the edge or corner of the room to enhance the appeal.

River View 40 Planter

Another smaller, intricate, and perfect addition to your room for a personal collection or a one or two vase that occupies the least space and still looks brilliant.

Garden View 80 Planter

If you have more than the small pots and seek to increase the charm with the perfect size, Garden View 80 planter would be a great choice. It works just with the same charm, but bigger in size.

Garden View 60 Planter

A garden view planter combines a more greenish texture with the brighter wood to make it look like a lively garden. It blends perfectly with any additional layer of greenery you seek to add.

Garden View 40 Planter

Similar to the river view, you get a personalized choice to add to your room or nursery, even near the table with the green view’s authentic appeal.

Green River Planter

The same rectangular design with green shades and texture makes the greens come lively with a perfect complement to texture and color.

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