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Trays are globally used in serving the guests in the house with several delicacies. The look and feel of your trays can really impress your guests if you’re going with one of some kind Epoxy resin trays. These are appealing in texture, hand fully crafted, and offers an amazing look and feel to carry. 

Epoxy resin trays are created after completing a process of wood sanding, filling in the chemical liquid, drying, curing, oil, and polishing. It is a complex process and requires exquisite craftsmanship and experience. Here at MysticWood, we create the best quality epoxy resin furniture for our customers at very pleasant prices.

You can order bespoke epoxy resin trays or can select from our standard range of options.

Epoxy Translucent View Tray

A unique epoxy tray that is translucent.; i.e. the light can pass through the liquid giving it a semi-transparent look. Translucent trays are highly admired as these look pretty sober and do not looks gaudy while using for a long period.

Epoxy Dark Night Tray

Dark night trays are dark in color and are made using the same techniques as other epoxy furniture. What makes these trays special from other is the outshining shine it brings because of its unique textures.

Epoxy Blue River Tray

As the name suggests, Blue river trays are designed to give it the river-like feel in the trays. These trays look elegant and display a casual yet beautiful appeal to the eyes.

Epoxy Green River Tray

Similar to our Blue river tray, we have another color option to choose from i.e. the Green River tray. It is elegant, sober, and gives a distinct look.

Epoxy Blue Ocean Tray

Blue Ocean tray tops the line when it comes to intrinsic detailing in the tray. Little ocean waves design and texture are precisely created with the resin. It looks phenomenal while holding and while seeing it from a little distance.

Epoxy Milky Way Tray

The Milky Way tray comes in a unique combination where you get the combo of two colors i.e. the brown color of the wood used and the white.

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